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This 80 printable-page journal will help your gymnast learn how to love herself, conquer her fears, become confident, and develop healthy habits inside and outside of the gym. It covers topics such as self-awareness, self-empowerment, self-belief, self-care, self-love & acceptance, and healthy relationships and provides over 40 workbook exercises and journal prompts to help the gymnast develop these. There are also daily practices that she can do to create a happier and healthier mindset, as well as competition and practice prompts for them to learn how to focus and stay motivated. 


I created this journal with the hope that it would empower, educate, and transform young girls into becoming mentally strong, healthy, and confident. I thought about what I needed when I was a gymnast and I included topics and tools that I learned in my adulthood and profession that I wish someone had taught me earlier. I believe this journal can change lives and create a more positive sport experience for the gymnast herself.

The Confident Gymnast's Journal

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