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Ariana LeBlanc

Clinical Mental Health Counselor & Former Elite Gymnast

Ariana headshot.jpeg
Ariana gymnastics picture.jpeg

Hometown: Boston, MA

Home Gym: Brestyans

Career highlights:

TOPs team member 1998 and 1999

Level 8 State Champion

USAG Level 10 National Qualifier 2001

Qualified as a junior national elite in 2001



Ariana is 36 years old and resides in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. Ariana trained at Brestyans in Boston, Massachusetts. Having been an elite gymnast, she deeply understands the mental challenges gymnasts face. Even though she had the physical skills, her mind held her back. Negative thoughts and fear were constant obstacles, preventing her from reaching her full potential and causing her to lose her passion for the sport. It took stepping away to realize that it wasn't gymnastics itself that she didn't enjoy, but rather the negative mindset she had developed. After coaching for over a decade, she realized she wanted to focus on helping gymnasts struggling with anxiety, fear, and self-doubt; issues she had faced firsthand. Ariana holds a Bachelor's in Psychology, a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and is certified as a licensed Mental Health Counselor, as well as a Mental Game Performance Coach. In addition, she serves as a working board member of Gymnastics Medicine. In 2023, she opened her clinical practice, specializing in treating eating disorders. Additionally, in 2021, she launched The Mindful Gymnast, offering mindset coaching to gymnasts worldwide to help them conquer fear, overcome mental blocks, and build confidence. Her goal is to share what she has learned so that gymnasts can not only excel in the gym but also develop into resilient, positive individuals beyond the sport.

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