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Alaina Raybon

Former Michigan State Gymnast & Current Gymnastics Coach

Screen Shot 2024-05-31 at 1.36.31 PM.png

Hometown: Charleston, SC

Home Gym: Ocean Flippers- North Myrtle Beach

Career highs:

Bars: 9.9

Beam: 9.85

Floor: 9.85





From the moment I learned what gymnastics was all about 19 years ago, I dreamed of being a collegiate athlete. I loved the feeling the sport gave me, especially tumbling. Just 4 years into my gymnastics journey, I developed a mental block with backwards tumbling that I would navigate & manage my entire career. It’s frustrating when you know you have the talent, strength and assurance that you can do everything you set your mind to, but you can’t get it on the same page as your body. Through dozens of hours of sports psychology, mental strength training and an outstanding support system, I was able to safely train and compete back tumbling again. My differences set me apart and made me stronger. My journey was not easy by any means, and often I wanted to hang up my leotards, but I knew in my heart what I was truly capable of and where I wanted to be. As a coach now, I aspire to help younger athletes tap into their potential as a competitor beyond their layers of self doubt and fear. Fear keeps us safe, but it doesn’t have to hold us back!

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