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Join Katelyn's Online Confidence Camp!

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As a former college gymnast, mental health counselor, and current gymnastics coach, I know how much the sport can sometimes negatively affect a gymnast's identity and self-esteem, and my passion is to change that. At their age of development, the things that they learn about themselves and the world can impact their future and who they become. In this online camp, we will cover topics that they can take with them forever in whatever they pursue, including their performance in the gym and on the competition floor. I feel it is my purpose in life to help young gymnasts find their light from within so that they can shine wherever they go!

If you believe that investing in your daughter's mental health, happiness, mindset, and self-esteem is important, then reserve her spot today. Note that this camp is for gymnasts' engagement only.

In 8 weeks, we will cover the the topics below:

  • How to become mindful and build self-awareness

  • How to love yourself and create a positive self-image

  • How to understand and control your feelings

  • How to face your fears and believe in yourself

  • The importance of self-care

  • How to break perfectionism

  • How to overcome adversity

  • How to build an identity outside of gymnastics

Start Date: June 10, 2024 and the 7 Mondays to follow

Time: 7 pm Central

Each call will be recorded and the video will be provided for you to watch at your convenience. 

Each Zoom session will be 30 minutes long. This duration has been thoughtfully chosen based on educational research and my experience in working with young athletes. Studies indicate that adolescents have optimal focus and retention within shorter time frames. By keeping sessions to 30 minutes, we can maintain high levels of engagement and allow them to absorb and apply the concepts effectively. 

What you will need: The Confident Gymnast's Journal. Use the FREE PDF Version provided, or order the paperback version here.

Limited spots are available so reserve before it fills up.

Register today and get the early bird discount, as well as my Mindful Gymnastics Parenting 101 Workshop for FREE. If you are a coach who would like to use this as a team training, please e-mail me at

Best Value

Katelyn's Online Confidence Camp



An 8-week online workshop for gymnasts to learn life skills that will help them in and out of the gym.

Valid until canceled

Early Bird Pricing

The Mindful Parenting 101 Workshop for FREE

PDF Version of Journal Workbook for FREE

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